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Kilian House Family Centre

To contribute to the realisation of the Parish Vision Statement by offering pastoral, social and cultural activities of a Christian nature  together  with  family support and community services.The Centre opened its doors to the public in December 1999.


The Centre serves as a Parish/Charity, Family and Community Centre whose aim is to contribute towards the betterment of the Greystones community by offering pastoral, social and cultural activities of a Christian nature.  Opened in 1999, it is now eighteen years in operation. It is seen as a place of welcome for all  and caters for the cycle of life in its activities. These include:

Pastoral / Charity: These  activities which, in keeping with its ethos, comprise its main usage and is for all ages e.g. Baptism Preparation Group, Sunday School, School Confirmations/Communions, Parish Pastoral Council,, Family Mass Group,  Choirs, Prayer Groups, Liturgy/Justice/ Communication Groups,  Legion of Mary, Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Coffee Mornings etc.

A Parish Pastoral Worker, Paul Thornton,  also operates in house having been appointed by the Dublin Archdiocese to foster youth and adult faith development in the Greystones and Kilquade areas.

Family / Community: A Play School for 2.5 to 5 year old children is a success and very much in keeping with our family focus.

For Youth, the recently established  Youth Initiative Programme is proving  successful  with   upwards of 250  young people from all areas of the town attending a disco in the Centre for a Halloween Party. Over  the weeks and months ahead, plans are on foot for a number of other youth activities to come on stream.

For older groups, Greystones & District Active Retirement  Association, with over three hundred members, operates from the Centre. Its activities comprise  cultural pursuits, learning programmes, sporting activities, outings, holidays etc… This group enjoys a high reputation nationally since it ranks amongst the top five Associations in the country.

Another successful programme which is rapidly gaining momentum is our Social, Hobby and Craft programme which caters for painting, flower arranging, gardening tips, sewing etc. Skills can be learnt under qualified instructors  while participants can partake of  good company while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Once monthly, a Soup & Sandwiches day is on offer and can attract upwards of 70 people from our community for each session.

Cardiac Response services also operates from the Centre through the Greystones  & District Defibrillator Community Initiative.

Funding mainly comes from rents from commercial rent payers as well as   contributions from pastoral / charity groups. Commercial rent payer activities include learning programmes, yoga, sports activities, bowling, keep fit, badminton, tennis, art, bingo, playschools dancing etc..

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday  from 8.00am to 10.00pm. Friday from 8.00am to 6.00pm. The Centre is also used for Church activities on week ends.

Contact Details

Vincent Hanly can be contacted at phone 01 2017896 or email [email protected]

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