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New Year Resolutions

This is an exciting and challenging year for us as a family of faith.

As Ireland is hosting The World Meeting of Families in Dublin— there is support for families and parishes as we all set out on the journey of preparation to this family event.

A New Year brings opportunities to start over…. whether it is to get fit, eat properly, go to bed early, spend more time with family and friend, take up a hobby, take time to be quiet and still or to take on new challenges, regardless ,a new year gives us the space to think about and change things.

So this year, what about a Family New Year Resolution? Are there any new year’s resolutions we want to make as a family to nourish and strengthen our faith?

Gathering together around New Year is an opportunity to look back together on the year gone by and look forward to the year ahead.

It may be a moment to foster communications and make decisions that build Christian family life.

Why not gather around the table or any place where you can talk to each other?

Have a chat together and see what family resolutions you can come up with and commit to for the year ahead.

Make sure everyone has a chance to speak (resolution number 1!)

Using the worksheet link below – create some resolutions as a family.


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