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Invitation to Action – Simple Examen at the End of the Day

We offer you a format for an Ignatian style examen… a practice to begin now and aim to continue beyond the season.

Over the coming week, at the end of the day, before you are too sleepy, take a few moments to reflect back on your day, in a non judgemental way, to see where there was growth and where there are areas in need of nurturing.

Take a few moments to settle yourself.

Sit comfortably and just become aware of your breathing. Don’t change it, become aware of it. For three in breaths and out breaths, be aware of how it feels in your body.

Invite yourself to be in the presence of God, acknowledging that God is present to you at all times, whether you are aware of God’s presence or not.

Acknowledge that presence with a Prayer

I thank you, God, for always being with me, but especially I am grateful that you are with me right now.

When you are ready, settled, begin the examen. Take each paragraph below slowly and allow the experiences of your day unfold in your mind. Avoid judging them, just replay them and ‘sit’ with them. Allow God speak to you through them.

God, let the Holy Spirit enlighten my mind and warm my heart that I may know where and how we have been together this day.

God, where have I felt your presence, seen your face, heard your word this day? God, where have I ignored you, run from you, perhaps even rejected you this day?

God, I thank you for the times this day we have been together and worked together. God, I am sorry for the ways that I have offended you by what I have done or what I did not do.

God, I ask that you draw me ever closer to you this day and tomorrow. God, you are the God of my life—thank you.

When you are ready end the reflection with a smile.

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