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Lenten Reflection

‘Now, now – it is the Lord who speaks –

come back to me with all your heart,

fasting, weeping, mourning.

Let your hearts be broken, not your garments torn,

turn to the Lord your God again,

for he is all tenderness and compassion,

slow to anger, rich in graciousness,

and ready to relent.’

Joel 2: 12-13

‘An observance of Lent that focuses on the quality of our connections can restore our dignity and call us back to ourselves, to a place where we ackowledge the invitation to choose life and our responsibility to act co-creatively with God.

It is when we are determined to be honest, when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to God, that we are most open to grace. And it is in and through grace that we grow in faith and love and have our hope restored. Honesty that leads to truth,  repentance that leads to reconciliation, conversion that manifests in change – this is the hope and heart of Lent, the prayer, fasting and almsgiving that is pleasing to the Holy One.’

From ‘Quantum Grace – ‘Lenten Reflections on Creation and Connectedness’ by Judy Cannato, Author and Spiritual Director who died 2011.


Loving God,

you call us back to you with all of our hearts.

I feel your call for me deep in my heart

and I know you want me back

as much as I want to return.

Please, Lord,

give me the wisdom to know how to return.

Make my journey back to you this Lent

one of grace, forgiveness and gentle love.

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