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Rejoice! He is Risen! Alleluia!

“The God of the cosmos,

the creator,

in his love and compassion,

has healed humanity of death

by sending his Beloved Son

in an act of self-emptying love and service,

freeing us from the power of sin

and making us into a new creation

through the Holy Spirit.”


This is the
great Easter cry
that fills our hearts.
The Lord’s bursting
out from the tomb of death
is a gigantic explosion of
new energy,
new force,
new life.
Like an atomic explosion, his victory releases a new and immense
power that can flood over the whole world,
changing everything that receives it.
His resurrection brakes open
a deep and unyielding prison that holds captive our hope,
our vision, our very souls.
No longer is our horizon darkened
by the black cloud of inevitable death
and oblivion.
No longer are we captive
to the selfishness and sin
that springs from that ultimate darkness.
Now we can see further that death!
We glimpse a new dawn.
In the light of the Rising Son
everything we do and say,
our very being,
is filled with
new hope, new purpose, new joy.
The fall-out from this explosion of the Holy Spirit was seen first
in the lives of the apostles and the first communities of the disciples of Jesus.
In their meetings with the Risen Christ
they were filled with such joy and zeal for life.
They were off,
like sprinters from the starting blocks,
proclaiming the ‘good news’ of
Jesus right across the world.

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