Ministry Sunday

May 19, 2019;

The work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus in our changing religious culture will require more lay men and women working in various ways alongside our priests at the heart of parish communities.

The Ministry Sunday Collection (May 19th) is about ensuring that we will have the people we need – men and women who will be to the fore in making our parishes vibrant faith communities into the future.

Read more about the background to Ministry Sunday.

At a Glance …

NEW CHRISTIANS: We welcome Max , Sophie & Benjamin who will be baptised children into our faith community. As they join our community through the waters of Baptism may they also continue to grow strong in body, mind and spirit in the years ahead.

EASTER OFFERING: Thank you to all of you who returned the Easter Offering envelope. The Easter Offering goes to support the priests of the Diocese (including the priests of our own parish) both working and retired.

SACRAMENTAL CELEBRATIONS: Congratulations to the Boys and Girls from St. Laurence’s School who were Confirmed on Thursday the 16th May and to the Children from St. Brigid’s & Greystones Community NS School who celebrated their First Holy Communion on Sat/Sun 18th/19th May

ROSARY AT THE ROCK: During the month of May, come along and pray the Holy Rosary, every Fri. evening at 7pm, in honour of Our Blessed Lady, starting Fri. 3rd May, mass rock is at chapel river Timore Lane Newtown, near Abwood

MINISTRY SUNDAY COLLECTION: This weekend, 18/19 May, for the first time we are holding a new collection which will be called the Ministry Sunday Collection. This new annual collection will replace the Share Collection and will be devoted to support the building up of new forms of lay ministry in our parishes.

HOSPITAL VISITATION: If you know of anyone who is sick in hospital or at home and would like a visit, please don’t hesitate to call one of the priests of the parish or the parish office.

CHARITY TAX REBATE: A big thank you for all who have supported the parish this past year. We are completing our Charity Tax Rebate forms at the moment. I would kindly ask those who did receive a CHY3 form to please return them to the Parish Office as soon as is convenient. Thank You.

BECOMING A CATHOLIC?: Are you or someone you know interested in finding out more about the Christian Faith and the Catholic Church. If so please contact Fr. John after Mass or make enquiries to the Parish Office. We will begin our preparation for Adults wishing to be baptised or indeed make their 1st Communion or be Confirmed in the Catholic Faith at the Easter Vigil next Easter soon during the month of September.

SPREAD THE WORD: A Thriving, Vibrant Community Matters – Support Our Advertisers on the back page of the newsletter! Thank you.

All this news and more, available and in further detail on the Parish Information Sheet


Hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who ‘hopes’ for what he already has? If we hope for what we do not yet have, though, we actively wait for it with patient endurance.

Dates for the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation in 2019

The schools and parish have signed off on the dates for the ceremonies of First Communion and Confirmation in May / June 2019.

We are pleased to make them available to you now.

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