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Ministry Sunday

May 19, 2019

Within any Parish community, there are always people with gifts, which can put fresh heart into others.

Nothing builds up a Parish community more than for people with such gifts and talents to be called upon to help and for them to respond generously and gladly to this call.

There are many such people in our parishes, gifted by the Spirit for the service of the Lord in the community of believers, and many are willingly to serve. However, such volunteers will always need training and support.

As a result, we need paid professional women and men working on a regional level in this diocese to accompany and resource these volunteers and to build up our parishes to enable them to pass on the faith for the generations to come.

This weekend, 18/19 May, for the first time we are holding a new collection which will be called the Ministry Sunday Collection. This new annual collection will replace the Share Collection and will be devoted to support the building up of new forms of lay ministry in our parishes.

The work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus in our changing religious culture will require more lay men and women working in various ways alongside our priests at the heart of parish communities. The Ministry Sunday Collection is about ensuring that we will have the people we need – men and women who will be to the fore in making our parishes vibrant faith communities into the future.

While many of those involved will be volunteers, we will have to equip and train leaders and provide facilities for formation. We want to work towards a situation where all parishes in this Archdiocese benefit from their gifts and expertise. The new collection is one-step in that process.

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