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Take Eat, This is my body – a thought for Corpus Christi

Living Memory

What if we forgot the sacrifices people have made for us?

What if we forgot all about the martyrs who died so that we could have religious freedom?

What if we forgot all about the soldiers who fought and died so that we could enjoy political freedom?

What if we forgot the grandparents and parents who have sacrificed their own comforts to make our lives better?

The answer is obvious. If we forgot the sacrifices others have made for us we would have little or no appreciation of what is important in our world. We would have no understanding of what has made us who we are.

At the Last Supper Jesus charges us to keep his memory alive. We must break bread and drink wine in his name. In celebrating the Eucharist we celebrate the memory of his passion and death. As we share his body and life giving blood we recall Jesus’ opposition to religious sham, his commitment to forgiveness and inner healing, his determination to overcome sin and his ultimate sacrifice.

If we truly appreciate the importance of what we are doing when we receive Communion, then what might be not much more than a ritual becomes of special importance.

When we remember the soldiers who have for died for our freedom we remember how important it is to fight against oppression and injustice.

When we remember the sacrifices our parents have made for us we remember to do them credit in everything we achieve.

When we come together to share in Christ’s body and blood, we remember that we are offered the sustenance to step out of church and live Christ’s memory in everything we do.

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