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New Altar Servers Required

We are inviting all boys and girls who have made their Holy Communion to come and join our Altar Servers Team.

The Altar Servers form a very important part of the church and our parish is enriched through their dedication and service.

But, what does it take to be an Altar Server? Is it for you? Do you have the qualities and desire to serve the priest in celebration of the Mass and other services? Being a server means serving God and his people at mass.

The duties of an altar server include:

  • Arriving 20 minutes before the beginning of Mass to “sign in”, robe and prepare the altar and church for the celebration of Mass.
  • To pray and assist the priest in the celebration of Mass.
  • To help in tidying up the altar and church after Mass.
  • To be available for other church celebrations
  • To attend rehearsals and meetings for Altar Servers.

If there are any boys or girls aged 9 or over, who would like to become altar servers, please contact the parish office.

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