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The Advent of Christmas… a Nostalgic Reflection!

From the perspective of a happily unorganised housewife!

She woke, with a sensation of slight panic, to the sound of the morning media announcement of one hundred plus days to Christmas. A mid-September sun, beaming the promise of an unusually balmy day through the drapes, distracted her as she focused on the perceived pressures ahead.

She was approaching her fiftieth year as “facilitator of family festivities” she realised.

Another period of frenzied crowds, cleaning, cooking and card writing loomed. Forward planning seemed the solution to this familiar seasonal shock. She would make an immediate and methodical attack on the house.

Later as she dealt impatiently with the duster defying debris in the recesses of a drawer, a crumpled yellowing piece of paper emerged. She read:


There is a loneliness at Christmas time
That old folk often feel
When bells ring out in merry chime
And echo every peal.

As children chatter in delight
And romp and play with toys
A mist or memories mars their sight
And taints with tears their joys.

They listen as the tales are told
And watch the revellers in the snow:
They too, were merry, bright and bold,
And young, yes! years ago.

But now they strive to hide their tears,
Surrendering a sigh
for cherished friends of former years
And Christmasses gone by.

Her brother, blessed with an insight beyond his then sixteen years, penned the poem. Was Christmas less complicated in those days? Soon now the media would run features advocating this or that theme for festive food and colour scheme – the tried and tested traditionalist or the ultra modern minimalist.

She wished for a Christ conscious Christmas and a lived-in loved-in look for the house, with truly memorable memories such as He gave us long ago.

Ditching the duster she calmly went into the garden to enjoy another God given gift, that of the glowing Autumnal sun trusting all would be right on the night.

Written by EMG 2002/Original poem by SFG 1946 (aged 16).

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