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New Year Prayer

Heavenly Father, bless my resolutions for the
coming year. May they be in accordance with
your will and direction for my life. Bless my
resolutions and promises. Give me the strength to
carry them through. Fill me with hope, confidence
and positivity.
Lord, remind me of my truest values and deepest
desires. Help me to live in the goodness that
comes from doing what You want me to do.
Help me to put aside anxiety about the future and
regret of the past, so that I might live in peace
with You now, one day at a time. And help me
exercise my faith to bring it all to fruition in 2020.
May my efforts be to sincerely bring many to
know You and to believe in the Lord Jesus, the
way, the truth, and the life. May the lost be found,
the ones living in darkness come to light through
my intercession, outreach, guidance and prayers.
I pray this New Year is blessed with
Your presence in all I do.

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