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Consider Your Calling

God calls. We respond.

This fundamental, essential pattern in the life of every believer appears throughout salvation history. The Risen Lord calls everyone to work in his vineyard, that is, in a world that must be transformed in view of the final coming of the Kingdom of God; and the Holy Spirit empowers all with the various gifts and ministries for the building up of the Body of Christ.

As believers, we hear and answer the universal call to holiness primarily and uniquely in our daily lives. We live out that call in each and every one of the world’s occupations and callings and in the ordinary circumstances of social and family life. All the baptised are called to work toward the transformation of the world.

As baptised, we all share in the ministry of Christ, priest, prophet and king. As baptised, we all have an active part to play in the life and activity of the church and our own parish. This is a sure sign of the Holy Spirit’s movement within the faith community as we serve our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today in parishes, schools, church institutions, and diocesan agencies, people serve in various “ministries, offices and roles” that do not require sacramental ordination but rather “find their foundation in the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, indeed, for a good many of us, in the Sacrament of Marriage.”

What Pope Paul VI said of the laity—and what the Catechism of the Catholic Church specifically repeats— has now become an important, welcomed reality throughout Dublin diocese: “The laity can also feel called, or in fact be called, to cooperate with their priests in the service of the parish community, for the sake of its growth and life. This can be done through the exercise of different kinds of ministries according to the grace and charisms which the Lord has been pleased to bestow on them.”

Furthermore, Saint Pope John Paul II as he led the Church across the threshold of a new Christian millennium, said: “The unity of the Church is not uniformity, but an organic blending of legitimate diversities. It is the reality of many members joined in a single body, the one Body of Christ (cf. 1 Cor 12:12). Therefore, the Church of the Third Millennium will need to encourage all the baptised and confirmed to be aware of their active responsibility in the Church’s life.

Together with the ordained ministry, other ministries, whether formally instituted or simply recognised, can flourish for the good of the whole community, sustaining it in all its many needs: from catechesis to liturgy, from education of the young to the widest array of charitable works.

During this month of February, we are asking all our parishioners to think about how you can contribute to the building up of your parish community.

Over the Sundays of February we will be focusing on the importance of ministry within our parish and giving you the opportunity to reflect on and discern what ministry God is calling you to.

On the last weekend of the month we will be inviting you to consider engaging with one of the many ministries within our parish.

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