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Come Pray With Us

Our family is our first church and where our faith was nourished.

Our faith community is where we can sustain this.

These days offer us a great opportunity to come together and pray.

See some of the resources available through this website.

Morning Prayer:

A prayer to start the day. Click here.

Daily Mass:

To help us in our prayer and solidarity as a faith community daily Mass will be streamed each day at 10am Monday to Saturday and 11.30am on Sunday morning. It is available to view on the Greystones Parish website by clicking here.

Angelus and Rosary at Midday

Each day we will gather at noon to say the Angelus and The Rosary together via our webcam.

Night Prayer

We will have night prayer of the church taking place each evening from at 8pm using Zoom Video Conferencing. You are invited to join and listen each evening at 8pm. Details here.

Resources for Reflection on Sunday’s Gospel, for Children and Grown-ups

Each weekend we offer you resources for reflecting on the Gospel either individually or as a group. Here you will find resources provided by the Children’s Liturgy of the Word group for parents to use with their children. In addition you will find resources aimed at ‘grown-ups’. Click here.

The Pope Video:

In a special edition of “The Pope Video”, the Holy Father asks us to pray for the sick and the suffering, while thanking all those who, united and regardless of their religious tradition or convictions, pray for those affected. Click here

Community Connected in Spirit:

As our gatherings in person are restricted at the moment, we can still take this opportunity to gather together in Spirit. For each day that we cannot gather together physically as a faith community, a new spiritual contribution will be posted here.

Mindful Moments – Taking it Step by Step with God

Being mindful as we engage in everyday tasks, duties and events is a practice where we enjoy the awareness of our actions and are open to God’s revelation. See some here.

Pray As You Go:

Pray As You Go is a daily prayer session, designed to go with you wherever you go, to help you pray whenever you find time. Click here.

3 Minute Retreats:

These 3 minute retreats by Layolapress invite you to take a short prayer break right at your computer. Spend some quiet time reflecting on a Scripture passage. Click here.

Resources from Holy Week:

Triduum Resources for Children are available by clicking here.

There are many online video depictions of the Stations of The Cross available. We offer a selection to choose from here.

During our Morning Prayer on Holy Thursday, Fr. John used this video, click here.
During our Morning Prayer on Good Friday, Fr. John used this video, click here.
During our Morning Prayer on Holy Saturday, Fr. John used this video, click here.

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