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Stay Connected! e-Letter

In this time of restrictions on movement and community gathering we are endeavouring to keep our church active by reaching beyond the walls of the physical buildings.

We want to connect with as many of the community, within the geographical area and beyond, as want to be connected with us.

Our mission is to nurture the presence of the risen Christ in the lives of all people.

We desire to build a relationship through our engagements, though at a distance, with all people.

With the situation continually changing, having email and phone contact allows us to keep you informed.

Please complete a form to allow us to keep in touch with you.

Click on the image below to register your details.

This will redirect you to the Kilquade Parish website as the technology there better allows us to enable this process.

  • We need you to complete a contacts page on the website
  • This is for anyone, in the parish or outside of it who connects with us
  • This is for all, whether we already know you or not
  • Under GDPR we need you to give us the permission to keep connected

Thank you. We are delighted you wish to stay connected with us and not miss any of the pieces!

Kilquade Parish is in the Pastoral Area of Greystones and Kilquade. We are all connected!

Current Issue of Stay Connected! e-Letter

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