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Current Issue of the Stay Connected! e-Letter

Our Pastoral Area Newsletter that is issued weekly is available here

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  • We need you to complete a contacts page on the website
  • This is for anyone, in the parish or outside of it who connects with us
  • This is for all, whether we already know you or not
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Thank you. We are delighted you wish to stay connected with us and not miss out on any of the pieces that connect us!

NOTE: when you send in your details you will receive a personalised version into your mailbox the following weekend. If it does not appear, please check the junk mail folder or the promotions folder as one of your email settings may not allow the issue come directly to your in-box! It is there – you just have to know where!

Kilquade Parish is in the Pastoral Area of Greystones and Kilquade. We are all connected!

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