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Let Us Remember – A Prayer and Blessing

This weekend, as you visit loved ones buried in our Pastoral Area, take time to pray this Blessing Prayer for Graves.

Hear our prayers this day as we come to this holy place of burial.

With reverence, we visit here where the sacred bodies of our loved ones have been placed in the womb of the earth to await the final day of glory. We pause in silence to be united with our loved one…….(name your loved ones).

Lord, we have come on this pilgrimage of prayer in order to keep the flame of love alive in our hearts. As we bless this grave with our prayers and with holy water, we give thanks that the names of our loved ones buried here have been written for all ages in the palm of your hand.

May this pilgrimage remind us of what our faith teaches us – that our souls do not die, but rather are transformed into new life through Christ. Holy are these resting places. Holy is this earth that has held in gentle embrace the bodies of our loved ones and all who are buried in this cemetery.

Lord, with reverence, we leave our prayers and our love at this graveside, and we remember in faith the reality of that final day when all the holy dead shall rise in the splendour of your glory.

Until that day, eternal rest be to those whose graves we visit today, and to all the holy dead. We place this prayer before you through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Below is the video of Fr. John and Fr. Gerard blessing the graves in the Pastoral area.

The blessing begins at 3 mins 46 secs.

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