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Regathering Community – The Long View

As the country begins to open up commercially and socially we also are working towards resuming our liturgies in public.

As Fr. John said in his talk at 11.30am Mass on Sunday 21st June, our plans for resuming Public Masses continues to evolve.

On Friday the Taoiseach announced that the next phase of reopening the country, starting on the 29th June, will permit up to 50 people to gather, socially distanced, indoors.

That means our first opportunity to gather people to check out our social distancing, to train in welcoming and guiding and preparing and protecting the space and to refine this will be from the 29th June.


The main points of the proposal are:

  • Resume Public Masses from the weekend of 4th/5th July – for a maximum of 50 people at any one Mass with
    • Two Masses on Saturdays 6pm in The Holy Rosary and 7.30pm in St. Anthony’s
    • Two Masses on Sunday morning, 10am in St. Anthony’s and 11:30am in The Holy Rosary
    • One Mass on Sunday evening. 6.30pm in The Holy Rosary
  • From Monday 5th July, weekday Masses for a maximum of 50 people at any one Mass, all at 10am as follows:
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: The Holy Rosary
    • Tuesday and Thursday: St. Anthony’s
    • Friday:  St. Joseph’s
    • No Saturday morning Mass

All of the above can only take place if we achieve the numbers to assist. See here about assisting.

We will need at least 10 for each Mass working on a rota basis, the same people cannot be on everyday nor every week, so it is a lot of people needed.

Once we know the numbers who are available for the various Masses we can then confirm the times we can go ahead with.

Funeral Masses will remain at 1pm in The Holy Rosary.


During the week of the 29th June:

  • Gather and train those who have put their name forward to support the Masses in the roles of ‘Welcome & Guide’ and Protect & Prepare
  • This will take place over two or three mornings, as it is restricted to 50 on each training.
  • Therefore attendance at the Masses of the days from the 29th through to the 3rd July will be by invitation only to those who are being trained.

If you wish tune into our Homilies Channel from Monday to review the message given.

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