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We Have A Challenge Ahead – Volunteers Needed!

All of the news of progress and lifting of restrictions is really encouraging but it also means that we have a challenge which, as a community, we need to address.

As we resume community gatherings in our Church building, we need people to help.

  • We need people to help gather others, to ‘Welcome & Guide’ them at each Mass as they arrive and as they leave.
  • We also need people to ‘Protect & Prepare’, to clean and sanitise the space after each Mass in order to prepare it for the next liturgy taking place.

We need YOU, a lot of you, to put your names forward to be part of this team who will enable us as a community to gather, to pray together, to live out the Eucharist, not only in that moment but in how we as a community grow and care for each other.

At the moment with our duty of care to all of the faith community, we ask that volunteers are under 70 years of age.

Please complete this form and we will be in touch with you.

We are used to queuing and social distancing…
We are used to being guided where to stand and where to go….
We go into places where we are confident that they are taking the time and effort to ensure the place is cleaned and sanitised regularly.

The action of entering and leaving Church is not going to be any different for us than going into the shops.

It is going to be different for everyone since the last time we were in this church building.

Where we sit,
where we stand,
where we go will all be different.

We have been doing extraordinary work in supporting each other in the past months we need to continue this as we continue growing in love and understanding of God in our every moment.

Please complete this form and we will be in touch with you.

Together, we can meet this challenge! Thank you.

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