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You are mine

‘For I your God am holding you by the right hand; I tell you,’Do not be afraid. I will help you’

Isaiah 41:13

Fear is the most inhibiting of human evils: it is indeed the only thing we have to fear in seeking a relationship with the real God. It is significant that, in the Scriptures, almost every encounter with God is prefaced with the words ‘Do not be afraid’. This one thing we can be sure of in our groping for understanding is the truth of those words. For as the psalmist puts it  ’He knows of what we are made’ Who else but God, our Creator can understand- and make good – our human frailty? Who else can measure the circumstances that have caused bitterness, or pain, or longing?

It is precisely in all of this that he meets us, touches us. We have heard it before, but we always need to hear it more deeply; that the one lost, frightened person is of most concern to him than the ninety-nine that have reached perfection

Excerpt from Delia Smith – ‘A Journey into God’

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