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Words From Paul

Last weekend Fr. John mentioned that my role as Parish Pastoral Worker is coming to an end in November this year.  I want to explain about the process that has brought me to this point.

The income in the diocese has been dramatically reduced over the past months due in large to the reduced numbers able to attend Mass.  The first and second collections are the primary source of income for the running of the diocese.  This has been a concern for a number of years but the impact of COVID has accelerated the issue.

The diocese has 82 lay (non-clerical) staff that it employs across a range of administrative, secretarial, catechetical and pastoral support roles.  In June the diocese put a Voluntary Redundancy package in place in order to reduce this staff by at least one third.  This package was offered to all of the lay staff without exception.

I spent a number of weeks discerning as to whether I should apply to avail of this package or not.  I spoke with Fr. John and others who support and advise me in my role and I also brought it to prayer within a retreat in late June.

I came to the decision that it is the right time for me, that it offers an opportunity to me to change direction in life and focus on an area that I believe will enrich me further, that of Spiritual Accompaniment.

For now, I continue to work here as part of the pastoral team,  as together we support the life of this faith community.

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