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St. Vincent de Paul Annual Appeal

Christmas will be different for everyone this year. For some people on low incomes, they face impossible choices.

If you are struggling to keep a roof over your head, how do you choose between a decent dinner and a warm house?

What do you sacrifice to buy your children those precious gifts after such a tough year.

It can be just one small thing that can tip a person into crisis and poverty. It can be a sudden illness, an unexpected bill, or an increase in rent. It can also be caused by redundancy or having work hours reduced.

Covid-19 has added to the stress levels on families with low incomes. Requests for our assistance have increased significantly since March, ranging from help with food, education, household bills and heating. Many families have come to us who have not had the need to approach us before.

In our pastoral area of Greystones and Kilquade, we will be offering help to over 350 families this Christmas. Many of you regularly support our work. Without this help, we simply would not be able to support those families in our community.

Because of Covid-19 we have not been able to have collections this year and so we are asking you to please support our annual appeal.

You can do this in one of the following ways:

  1. Online through the SVP St. Patrick’s Kilquade Appeal
  2. Online through the SVP Greystones Appeal
  3. SVP envelopes which are available at the back of all churches in the pastoral area
  4. SVP envelopes available in your local post office.

Any monies sent by these means come directly to the local SVP conferences to serve the needs of those in these local areas.

If Covid-19 has taught us the importance of working together to help those in need. To quote from a TED talk of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks from 2017, ‘we move from the politics of me to the politics of all of us together, we rediscover those beautiful, counterintuitive truths: that a nation is strong when it cares for the weak, that it becomes rich when it cares for the poor, it becomes invulnerable when it cares about the vulnerable’.

Thank you for your ongoing support which we deeply appreciate.

See and listen to the appeal made at Mass this weekend

David Lowen (President, SVP Greystones) and Louise O’Sullivan (President, SVP St Patrick’s Kilquade)

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