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DAY 5 : WHO ARE YOU Ruth 3:9

The half-moon was the only light on her path, and though Ruth moved cautiously, her dress caught up in a thorny bush. She carefully untangled the fabric from among spikes. “Idiotic idea!” – Ruth hissed, but thankfully, the material didn’t tear – that was her best robe after all.

Ruth followed Naomi’s advice, and so her hair spread the fragrance of sandalwood and jasmine. Her freshly oiled skin smells like cedar. “That’s just ridiculous” – Ruth whispered to herself.

But she already saw him lying there. His chest moved rhythmically up and down. “But what if I make him angry?”  – Ruth bit her lips and moved one step closer. “If he doesn’t fancy me?” – She took another step. “What if he expels me from his fields?”

A half-moon brightened Boaz’ sleepy face. Ruth kneeled down and gently lifted the cloak, with which Boaz was covered. Holding her breath, she silently laid down next to him, breathing in the warmth of his body.

The man woke up, startled to find a woman resting next to him. The pale moon shined on his gentle face. Boaz closed and opened his eyes anew before asking, “ Who are you?”

And she was Ruth – a stranger, a widow, a woman in need of Boaz’ care, his servant, his friend,

and he was the only hope she had.

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