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DAY : 6 REDEEMER Ruth 4:4

Naomi stroked Ruth’s head, gently brushing the young woman’s hair with her wrinkled hand.

“Be patient, love, all is going to be well.”

Ruth only sought heavily in response, curling up her legs like a little child.

“Those things take time”, Naomi’ soothing voice filled the air with a soft vibration, “he will not rest until all is settled. I’m sure of that.”

Ruth turned and hid her face in Naomi’s bosom. She couldn’t cope with fear anymore. She wanted to hope and to have faith, but there was too much uncertainty.

“What if he hands me over?” she asked quietly, as if afraid that her words may create the unwanted reality.

“He won’t.”  Naomi reassured. “What did he tell you?”

“That he’ll redeem me himself, but…”  Ruth sought again, “it’s taking so long.”

“Wait, my love”,  Naomi kissed the young woman’s hair,  “just wait and see.”

But waiting became unbearable and Ruth feared that all the promises Boaz made so easily at night, may dissolve in the daylight.

Is he really going to pay her ransom?

Risk his reputation for a Moabite woman, and a widow?

Is he going to invest all he has into the future with a stranger?

Isn’t it too much to hope for?

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