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Ruth gave a sigh of relief hearing the cry of her new-born child.

“It’s a boy”,  Naomi pronounced joyfully, smiling at her daughter-in-law.

Ruth raised her arms, wanting to embrace her son immediately. The minute she waited was the longest in her life. The young woman showered the boy’s head with her kisses, laughing and crying alternately.

What a happy day! The happiest day in her life. All the dreams she didn’t dare to dream came true. So suddenly, so unexpected and so undeserved. He’s truly merciful and gracious that God of Israel.

The little boy placed his tiny hand on Ruth’s heart and stopped crying, recognising the loving presence.

“I need to bring news to Boaz” – Naomi reminded the overjoyed mother – “what name are you picking up for your son? Tell me, that I can inform his father.”

“We’ll name him Obed”  Ruth said.

“That’s a beautiful name”,  Naomi nodded,  it means “the servant of God”.

Obed became the father of Jesse and Jesse was father to David.

Many, many generations later out of that line Jesus was born in the same poor Bethlehem.

And Ruth –

the one who was supposed to be rejected by her new people,

became the great, great, great, grandmother of Messiah to all.

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