Description of the Interior of Holy Rosary Church

A Description of the Interior of Holy Rosary Church

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1. Annunciation Stained Glass Window.

This is one of two windows in the church made in the Harry Clarke Studios, Dublin and are the work of Harry’s younger son David Clarke (1920 -2005). David Clarke lived in Greystones in the 1950s.

2. Stations of the Cross.

The Stations of the Cross appear to be carved in wood but in fact the figures and the frames are made of plaster.  The name Maurice Van Poulle is inscribed on at least two of them.

3. Fr. Wallace Library.. Fr. Wallace Library.3. Fr. Wallace Library.3. Fr. Wallace Library.3. Fr. Wallace Library.3. Fr. Wallace Library..

The Library was set up in memory of Fr Wallace PP 1997-2003, whose vision was to give access to spiritual reading material to all.

4. Sacred Heart Statue & Shrine.

5. ‘Good Shepherd’ Window.

This stained glass window is by the renowned stained glass artist & painter, Evie Hone (1894-1955). The work was carried out 1948. Note the shield in the detail.

6. Baptismal Font.

This is a circular marble bowl resting on 3 clustered columns of brown veined marble & on a stone base. It was originally in the baptistery near the rear door.

7. Railings.

These are a Gothic design, made from pine wood.

8. Ambo.

The Ambo is made from marble which was reused from the pulpit when the altar was changed as an outcome of Vatican 11.

9. Altar.

The Altar is a marble table with decorated frontal inlaid marbles, bearing a brass cross motif and appliquéd panels. It is believed to be Italian work. Note the painted décor on the walls of the apse.

10. Tabernacle.

The Tabernacle is set into the wall of the apse at the centre of the curve. It is a marble box with a metal pediment and frieze. The metal door has a chalice embossed on it and it is set with one green, two blue and two clear crystal gem stones.

11. Crucifix.

This was originally at the main door with a kneeler in front. It was moved to its current position in the ‘70’s.

12. Sanctuary Lamp.

This is made of a silver plated hanging bowl with six red gemstones on the rim. It was originally in the centre but moved to its current position in the 1960’s when the altar was changed.

13. ‘Adoration of Shepherds’ & ‘Presentation in Temple’ Windows.

These decorative windows are described as single-light windows All the other windows in the church have coloured glass of green petals around pink and red decoration with a red border.

14. Painting in Apse: Madonna del Rosario.

This painting, which hangs behind the altar is a copy of the work of Giovanni Battista Salvi, known as “Il Sassoferrato” as he was born at Sassoferrato in the Marches (Papal State) in 1609. The original is in Rome. It depicts the Virgin and Child holding Rosaries with Saints Catherine and Dominic.

15. ‘Our Lady of The Rosary’ Window.

This is another stained glass window by Evie Hone (1894–1955), which was carried out 1948. Note the shield and ships in the detail.

16. Pillars.

There are 4 large pillars in the transept. They are of veined marble with flowery capitals on top.

17. Our Lady’s Statue & Shrine.

18. Confessional Boxes.

19. Ceiling & Floor.

The roof is a fine structure with beams resting on carved consoles along the walls. There are painted stencils on the walls and ceiling. Five compartments of the ceiling have painted mosaics. There are also coloured marbles inlaid in ovals, fans and cartouches. The main floor is woodblock. The centre aisle, the front of the first seats and the sanctuary floor have encaustic tile patterns that match the marbles of the altar. Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles in which the pattern on the surface is not a product of the glaze but of different colours of clay. The pattern is inlaid into the body of the tile, so as the tile is worn down the design remains.

20. Organ, Gallery & Bell Tower

The Pipe organ was donated to the parish by the late Mary Cullen, Blacklion who died in 1927. Restoration work was carried out by Derek Verso & Co. under the supervision of Professor Gerard Gillen in 1990. The organ was blessed & rededicated by Bishop Donal Murray on 27 March 1992.

21. Arches with Motifs.

There are a number of plaster arches supporting the beams along the walls. At the base of each arch there is a different golden motif.

22. ‘Coronation of The Blessed Virgin’ Stained Glass Window.

This is the second window made by David Clarke. Notice the detail of the angels.

23. Former Baptistery.

This was the Baptistery until the 1980’s. It now contains the shrines of St. Anthony and St. Joseph. The stain glass window is titled “The Baptism of Christ”.

24. Holy Water Font.

This was originally inside the main door of the church beside the stairs. It was moved outside in the 1960’s.

25. Kilian House.

This family and community centre opened in 1999 offers pastoral, social and cultural activities. At its entrance is a wooden carving from the Philippines commemorating the Breaking Stones initiative which raised over €150,000 in 24 hours for PREDA to build a centre for street children.

26. Our Lady’s Statue.

In 1954, the Statue of the Blessed Virgin was erected in the church grounds to commemorate Marian Year. Miraculous medals were buried in its foundations.

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