Evie Hone Windows

A Window of Prayer

Have you every noticed or studied the sacred art in our churches, especially the many beautiful stained glass windows in the Holy Rosary Church? Sacred art helps us to pray. We do not pray to the images. They are there to help us reflect on God and focus our prayers and thoughts.

                               Two of these windows, one representing The Good Shepherd and the other Our Lady of the Rosary are by the renowned stained glass artist and noted painter, Evie Hone (1894–1955). These are situated on the right and left isles of the church and the work was carried out in 1948. There is a preservation order on the Holy Rosary Church. This is listed in Wicklow County Development Plan 1999, Greystones/Delgany and Rathdown (Wicklow County Council)naming the ‘interior including the Evie Hone windows’.







                               Evie Hone was born (1894) in Roebuck Grove, Co Dublin. She was crippled by paralysis when she was 11 years old. She visited Assisi (1911) where she became interested in stained glass. She trained in London and Paris. From 1924 onwards she exhibited in Dublin, England, France and USA, in various media. In 1937 she converted to Catholicism and her work took on a more religious tone. Evie Hone along with Mainie Jellett were the first artists of introduce the then new art style, Cubism, to Ireland. This style of square (cube) stained glass can be seen in her work. She is most famous for her window in Eton College Chapel, England. She died at Rathfarnham, Dublin on 13th March 1955.

The stained glass window, The Good Shepherd, inspired the poet, Brian Power, a priest of the diocese, to write the following:

Evie Hone Window

in Greystones Parish Church

Your tunic, magnetic gold,

has drawn me near,

but you look fretful, shepherd,

with all those woolly

bleaters clamouring to be led

and a fat old ewe

wrapped round your shoulders.

It’s a black sheep

gets to nuzzle your knee and pulls

your eyes downward

perhaps to guard the errant -

or rather to protect the little one

different from a heedless flock?

The next time you have a chance, take the poem with you and read it while looking at the window.

By Nuala Lowen

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