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Greystones has evolved from a population of just 500 in l89l (of whom only 4 were Catholic) to a thriving, bustling town of over 17,000 inhabitants in 2008.

In l827 the Rev. G. N. Wright, Professor of Antiquities at the Royal Hibernian Academy, described Greystones as “a little wild headland” where fishing and farming were the main sources of income. The l850s saw the introduction of roads and rail and in l888 the harbour was developed. Today the town of Greystones and surrounding areas has a great variety of sport and recreation facilities and is a thriving community of young and old with a strong ecumenical ethos.

The Churches of Holy Rosary and St. Killian’s have been central to the growing spiritual needs of the community.

In 1894 Patrick Boland J.P. offered to build a church in Greystones. In 1895 his uncle Bishop Donnelly, the then Parish Priest of Bray and Greystones, obtained a site of one acre from one of the main landowners in the area, Mr. LaTouche, for the church, at a rent of £25 per year. An iron pre-fab chapel, on the site of the current church, dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary was built for £405. In 1903 a violent storm destroyed this pre-fab and a temporary wooden chapel was provided by Greystones resident Mr. P. Kinlen, J.P. The new more permanent structure of today was built by Mr. Kinlan at the behest of Bishop Donnelly and the first sod was turned in 1903. The church, although incomplete, was ready for use by 1904.

Fr. Michael Flood was transferred to Greystones from St. Paul’s, Arran Quay, Dublin and he oversaw the completion of the nave and the tower at the front entrance.   The new church of the romanesque style, became the most prominent building in Greystones.

The Church of the Holy Rosary was officially re-opened in 1909. One year previous to this, in 1908, Greystones was constituted an independent Parish from Bray by His Grace the Archbishop and the Parish of Holy Rosary and St. Kilian’s, Blacklion, was established. The parochial house in the church grounds was built in 1886.

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