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Since its foundation over a hundred years ago, our parish has endeavored to serve the spiritual and temporal needs of a diverse Parish family. Through those years our priests, religious, and people have helped establish a legacy that each parishioner benefits from today.

However, nothing remains the same forever. Just like your family home, parish buildings constructed decades ago are in constant need of repairs and upgrades. And just like your family, our parish is constantly growing and changing. Though we have accomplished much over the years, our shortfall in regular proportionate giving has limited our funding to current ministries and a few capital repairs.   The Parish Plan Giving scheme is the key to enhancing our financial stability and growth.

As disciples of Jesus, we acknowledge all that we are and have are gifts from God. Each of us must nurture these blessings, not only for ourselves, but also for strengthening his Church and ministries to others.  It is our responsibility not only to provide for our own needs but also the needs of our children and grandchildren who will come after us. Faced with ever increasing needs for ministry and service, we are beginnning a new chapter in our journey as a Parish.

In order to meet these challenges we inviting you to prayerfully consider joining the Parish Plan Giving (Standing Order), or if already a member,  a proportionate increase in your regular support of your parish.  Your positive response will enable the parish to take a major leap forward as we continue to develop our ministries and buildings for service for future generations.

We have the added bonus that our government provides us with the opportunity, through the Tax Rebate Scheme, to maximise all charitable donations over €250 in a given year.

If you are a taxpayer (PAYE or Self Assessed), under the Scheme of Tax Relief on Donations to Charities, the Parish can claim from Revenue the related tax relief on your donations amounting to an extra 31% if you contribute over €250 to the parish over the course of a year.

In order for the Parish to receive the tax relief payment from Revenue, all that is required is for you to complete and sign the Enduring Certificate (CHY3 form attached).  The Certificate covers a 5-year period commencing with donations made in 2014.

That form is attached for completion, together with a FREEPOST envelope for its return to the Parish Office.  Your early attention to that would be much appreciated.

(Just to be absolutely clear this tax relief cannot be claimed or received by you. It is only available to recognised charities such as the Parish.  As the donor/taxpayer, your completion of the CHY3 Certificate is necessary to enable the Parish make the tax relief claim to Revenue).

A detailed explanatory note on the tax relief scheme and the related documentation is available on the Revenue website ( – search under “Charitable Donation Scheme CHY3” or see document below.

On behalf of the entire parish, I want to thank you for the contributions you continually provide to the parish. While I do not know if you are capable of joing the Parish Plan Giving or of increasing your generous level of giving, I do know that you will give it prayerful consideration.

Please contact me if you require any further information or assistance.

Thank you.

Very Rev. John Daly, Parish Priest


Standing Order: standing-order

Charitable Donation Scheme CHY3; chy3-charitable-donation-scheme

Enduring Certificate: CHY3

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