Remembering our Loved Ones

During the month of November we remember and pray for all those who have died.

You are invited to visit Holy Rosary Church to the Sacred Space for Remembrance where you can

  • place your loved one’s name onto the prayer wall,
  • light a candle and
  • take a daffodil bulb to plant

These are all symbols to remember your loved one and to bring that person into the minds of the wider faith community.

You are invited also to create a memorial space in your home with pictures of loved ones or memorial cards.

In addition, you are invited to include your loved ones name here on this digital remembrance space below if you so wish.

All of these are easy ways of keeping our loved ones in our minds and hearts through the month of November.

Digital Remembrance Space

To add a name, click on the pink circle on the screen below. If there is no pink circle – click here to enter details.

A block will appear on the top left of the window, enter your loved ones name or family name in as title and if you wish write something underneath. An image may be included by clicking the arrow to upload it to your entry.

Entries will be approved every evening, at which point the entry will become visible here to everyone in the faith community.

If you have difficulty with this below, email you loved one’s name and details to us here.

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