Sacramental Preparation

Preparation for the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation

The occasions of a young person’s First Communion or Confirmation are wonderful opportunities for families to deepen and reinvigorate their own faith. It can also be a graced moment of renewal for the broader parish community.

We, in the pastoral area of Greystones and Kilquade, are aware of many of the challenges facing parents, guardians and families at the different stages of a child’s development. We see moments of engagement with the sacraments as a means of touching into the faith elements in this development and therefore we offer programmes of preparation for such sacramental engagements.

A lot of the preparation work is carried out through the school but the parish and home also have important roles to play in helping our children and our community to understand what it means to grow into being a full member of the Catholic Church.

We are now inviting parents of children who are at this preparation stage to register these children for the particular sacrament before the end of September 2015.

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We understand that it is in the family that the passing on of the Faith primarily takes place. School and parish cannot replace the role of the family in this task. We offer support to parents in growing in their own faith in these key Sacramental years so that the parents can feel confident in sharing their faith tradition within their family. The intent is not just to prepare the young people for Communion or Confirmation but to engage with parents in exploring and articulating their own faith and in being confident enough to become involved in their child’s faith formation, both in the year of preparation and in the years beyond that.

Registration forms are available on-line.

First Communion

The Policy Document for First Communion is available at this link: First Reconciliation and Communion Policy

Registration for the Sacrament of First Communion in 2020 is now open. Further information is available here.


The Policy Document for Confirmation is available at this link: Confirmation Policy

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