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Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Each Sunday there is an opportunity for children between 5 to 10 year old to spend time together with a leader to listen and do an activity on the Gospel of that Sunday.

Where does it take place?

It takes place during the following masses: 10.30am St. Anthony’s, Kilcoole–and- 11.30am Holy Rosary, Greystones

The children and leaders then move to the school hall in St. Brigid’s building of Kilcoole Primary School and Kilian House Family Centre respectively to complete their activities.

Who is if for?

It is open to school going children up to First Communion. We particularly encourage those preparing for First Communion to come along.

Can a child attend without being at Mass?

No, it is part of the Mass. All taking part will be expected to be at the Mass from just before 10.30/11.30 and will return to the Mass afterwards to their family.

What happens?

The leader will have prepared material focusing on the Gospel of that Sunday. The material will help the child to engage with the Scripture, the same Scripture that their parents are engaging with here in the Church. We will include an activity to enhance the understanding for the child.

Does the family need to be at Mass?

Some members of the family need to bring the child to Mass and take part in the Mass while the child is attending the Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

Is this part of the preparation programme for First Communion?

No, it is not specifically part of the preparation programme for first Communion. We do encourage families with children preparing for First Communion to take part as it supports them in their learning and opens them to the Gospel each week.

If I am a parent helping does that mean I need to go to another Mass?

No. Helping and taking part in the Children’s Liturgy of the Word will qualify for attendance at Mass. We will only leave the Church after the opening prayers and will return at Communion time.  The adults helping are expected to engage with the material and support the children in the activities of the class.

I have younger children, can they be involved?

It depends on the numbers taking part and the age of the children.  We can accommodate about 30 children and will give preference to those of school going age up to and including preparing for First Communion.  The activities are suitable for 5 to 10 year olds so it is not practical to take younger than 5. If there is one older than 10 then they may be able to take part as a helper, if that enables a younger sibling to take part in the classes.

How can I help?

We welcome parents to lead and to supervise. Please contact Paul Thornton, Parish Pastoral Worker, mobile: 085 1259753, email: [email protected]

We would love another few leaders and supervisors to join us.

Content Revised Jan 2018

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