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Fulfilling Our Legal Obligation

Fr. John together with the Parish Child Safeguarding representatives wish to remind all in Public Ministry of our legal responsibility to ensure that each person who has a role in the running of our Parish is Garda vetted.

We need to play an active role in ensuring that we create a safe place for children, young people and vulnerable adults in our Parish in line with best practice and fulfill our obligation to the State by adhering to the law.

It is a Diocesan requirement to be Garda vetted every three years.

The diocese takes the view that those who exercise public ministry, whether as Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, members of choirs or whatever, minister to the whole congregation, which includes children and vulnerable persons and, therefore, must be vetted.

A large number of people in Parish Public Ministry have completed the Garda vetting process previously.

However, as almost everyone’s vetting is now out of date, we are requesting everyone involved in Ministry is to complete the process as follows:

  • The attached form (below) should be completed and returned to the Parish office with two forms of identification one of these should be photographic where possible and together score a value of 100 (see guideline list below). Please write clearly.
  • On this form you are requested for basic contact information including an email address.
    The applicant must provide a valid email address. If the applicant does not have their own email address they can:
    Use the email address of a family member or friend, if they are happy to do so, or
    Use an email address provided by the organisation for whom they wish to be vetted.
  • Each person will then receive an email from the vetting office and they only have a certain length of time to complete the application online.
  • This involves filling in their address details from the date you were born.
  • This information is between the applicant and the Vetting office. No one in the parish has access to this personal information.

We are now asking for those to come forward to be Garda vetted. Please contact the Parish office or the Sacristans to obtain a form to apply to be vetted. The forms must be returned with two forms of identification by the end of September.

Anyone new coming on board to help in the Parish must go through the vetting process prior to taking up their role. People who are currently in role who have not undertaken the process will have to stand aside until they have been Garda vetting to ensure we as a Parish fulfill our legal obligation.

If you have any queries please contact the Safeguarding Representatives at [email protected] or phone Louise Fenelon 087-2252527 or Liam McCabe 086-0230233.


Garda Vetting Form
Proof Of Identity Checklist
Further information may be read at the Dublin Diocese website

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