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Holy Thursday – Meal of Commemoration

April 9, 2020 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

On this Holy Thursday evening we are inviting you to have a meal of commemoration in your own home at 6pm approx.

Whether you are on your own or have family with you, with are providing you with a text to help amplify the ritual of the Passover for you.

We ask you to do this around 6pm so that, as a community, we will be gathering together, though in our own homes, to remember the Last Supper.

You will require:

  • Large bowl of water / towel
  • Glass & place setting for each person
  • An empty chair and place setting
  • Unlit candle
  • Wine (or appropriate drink) & food (two courses if possible)

As a family you in addition you will require:

  • Person to lead the story
  • Person to serve the meal
  • Youngest to ask the 3 questions

Ideally read the following text a number of hours in advance as there is some preparation required.

  • Text for Celebrating Holy Thursday At Home with a Family Meal – click here
  • Text for Celebration Meal on Holy Thursday At Home on Your Own – click here

At 9pm, join us through the Webcam for Watch and Pray for an hour, with Exposition and Benediction.

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