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A Community Praying For Each Other

If you have a prayer petition, you are welcome to submit it via this link or by clicking on the dove image. (This will redirect you to the Kilquade website where this is processed).

Your prayer will be included in our night prayer gathering.

As we are unable to gather in community, this is the opportunity to make a prayer request through here and this is brought to night prayer

Those who gather for night prayer thought it would be a lovely addition to our prayer to include not only our own petitions but those of the broader community.

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. (Psalm 145:18)

One Experience…

What’s my Story?
There I was… wondering what I could do.
With lockdown, I couldn’t visit my dad in a nursing home or support him in the way I was used to.
The separation for us both was tough (as it was for many others too.)

I drummed up the courage to ask for prayers at our night prayer gathering.
With total acceptance of my worries, those there, took my prayer into their hearts.
Knowing that my request for prayer was heard, lifted a weight I didn’t realise I was carrying.
I didn’t know whether my prayer would be answered in the way I had hoped.

In time I realised an answer would present itself, I just needed to open my eyes and heart to what that would be. Sharing my prayer helped me twofold: an understanding that my worry was shared and the joy of knowing the prayer became the group’s prayer.

Prayer, written, spoken or unspoken brings us graces we never realise or expect when we are in that moment.
Engaging with and seeing my dad, although through a screen, was better than not seeing him at all

Night Prayer

Of course you are very welcome to come along (via zoom) and be with us. Over 60 people gather for Night Prayer each evening from Monday to Friday at 8pm. Some people come along and join only by audio, others join by video – the choice is entirely yours.  Details here.

Everyone agrees it is a lovely prayerful way to draw a close to the day.

We use the format of Compline each night with the exception of Friday nights when we use a more contemplative approach. You are most welcome to join us…

You never know where prayer might lead you!

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