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DAY 23 : BEHIND HIM Luke 8:44

The crowd was impenetrable.  There was no chance Selah could speak to the Master on her own as she’d hoped. She slowed down, approaching the crowd. How was she going to do it now?

“Maybe…” Selah shook her head. No, she couldn’t do that. That was unlawful and too dangerous. If they caught her… “But if they didn’t?” Was there any chance of getting through the crowd unnoticed?

But even if she did, what was she going to say? How would she explain herself? “No, there was no way.” Selah turned back, took a step and stopped. Her body refused to move. She just couldn’t go back to where she has come from.

Selah stepped aside, making room for another two women pushing through the crowd. Selah watched with envy as the women smoothly made their way, engaging in conversation as they moved. Their faces were so radiant, so lucky. When was the last time Selah was that happy?

She closed her eyes, imagining coming up behind the Master and touching just the fringe of his garment. Imagine: twelve years of suffering cured just like that.

Selah spent all she had on doctors and they only made her worse. Why would it be different this time? But let her just try. She’d just touch him and slip into the crowd.

There will be nobody to notice her.

Who would pay attention to her pale hands?

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