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Peter is probably my closest friend, and I love him: he leads me from the destructive fire of betrayal to the cleansing fire of confession. And that’s our journey through the Holy Week when we pray for the renewal of our shoulders. Our shoulders called to bear the cross.

Jesus promised us an easy yoke and a light burden, yet it doesn’t always feel like that. Sometimes standing up for my faith seems just impossible, and I fail. Peter is there to catch me. He’s the one to embrace me in my weaknesses. He reassures me time after time that no sin is unforgivable. Not for our God.

Our God is waiting at the fireplace, preparing the nourishment for our salvation. He doesn’t ask, “what did you do for me today?” He doesn’t list our shortcomings. Doesn’t expect any improvement. He doesn’t wave with his finger saying, “I hope that was the last time”.
Our God wants nothing but to be loved, and he himself teaches how to live within that relationship. His teaching doesn’t come through instructions but through acceptance and forgiveness. He calls us from the darkness into his wonderful light and waits to give his mercy.

Like Peter, I hope to always jump out of the boat and run to my Saviour. Run to meet my Saviour despite who I am and because of who I am.  Like Peter, I want to love more than I’m capable of, and like Peter, I want to remain faithful despite my weakness.

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