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St. Laurence’s Primary School

Kindlestown, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Principal: Ms. Carol Mooney

Tel: (01) 287 61 98

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.stlaurences.ie

The Ethos of St. Laurence’s Primary School

  • The policies, practices and attitudes of the school are inspired by Gospel values, by belief in God and Jesus Christ.
  • The school aims to promote the development of all aspects of the person of each pupil, his/her relationship with God, with other people, with the environment and with the place we live in.
  • Religious education is provided in accordance with the doctrine and practices of the Catholic Church. Prayer is a feature of each school day. Preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation is provided in close co-operation with Father Denis Quinn C.C. who is a regular visitor to the school.
  • A wider sense of community is fostered embracing management, teachers, parents, pupils and the parish community. A spirit of mutual respect is promoted. Example and teaching give pupils an appreciation and real respect for persons from different social, national and religious backgrounds.
  • Parental involvement in both curricular and extra-curricular activity is actively encouraged. Parents and teachers support and collaborate with one another as partners in guiding pupils to reach their full potential at the different stages.
  • All school staff are held in high esteem and with equal respect. Personal and professional development is encouraged. Teamwork is our hallmark.

This ethos, while intangible, is nonetheless recognised and appreciated by those who learn and those who work in St. Laurence’s.

The Aims of St. Laurence’s Primary School

  1. To promote the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the pupils in its care; intellectual, physical, cultural, moral, spiritual including a relationship with God and other people.
  2. To provide a broad balanced curriculum for the pupil, in line with the Primary School Curriculum set down by the Department of Education & Skills
  3. To provide equal access to the full curriculum to all the pupils.
  4. To provide a welcoming, secure and comfortable learning environment.

A Brief History of St. Laurence’s
St. Laurence’s National School was founded as a Junior Primary School in 1977 at a time when Greystones was experiencing a major expansion in population. The school was co-educational, and had 24 boys and 24 girls enrolled in its first year. In 1998 following an extensive consultation with parents, the school began a transition period becoming a full stream co-educational primary school catering from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.

Other Information

Today, St. Laurence’s has over 550 pupils, 20 Mainstream Classes, 8 Special Educational Needs Teachers along with 5 Special Needs Assistants and ancillary staff.

For information on School Policies, Parents’ Association, After School Activities, Sport, Art, Green School, Calendar, Upcoming Events etc., please check our website www.stlaurences.ie

Registered under the Archdiocese of Dublin - RCN 20016166/CHY7424
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