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Social, Hobby and Craft Afternoon

May 5, 2019 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Free Craft, Hobby and Social afternoon First Sunday of each month from 3pm to 5.30pm.

This will run every first Sunday of the month. Over 18’s only.

Great activities from flower arrangement, knitting, embroidery to art classes take place on the day.

Bring a friend or find a friend and enjoy learning a new skill.

Tea, coffee and biscuits available for nominal charge with all donations going to local charity.

Hope to see you there at this fun and very popular event.

Learn more by watching here: Social Hobby & Craft Afternoon

At a Glance …

NEW CHRISTIANS: We welcome all recently baptised children to our faith community. As they join our community through the waters of Baptism may they also continue to grow strong in body, mind and spirit in the years ahead.

HOLY ROSARY SOUP & SANDWICHES: Looking for somewhere different for lunch? Then join us in Kilian House Family Centre on Wed. 24th April between 12.15 & 2pm, for delicious food in a friendly atmosphere. Donation €5. Proceeds to local charities.

PARISH PILGRIMMAGE TO KNOCK: We are booking a bus to join the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Knock on Saturday 27th April. We have limited places so early booking is advised. We will be leaving at 8.30am approx. and return late Saturday evening. The cost is €40 (includes a meal on route) We have special price of €10 for teenagers to go. Please book your place in the Parish Office.

HOSPITAL VISITATION: If you know of anyone who is sick in hospital or at home and would like a visit, please don’t hesitate to call one of the priests of the parish or the parish office.

PREPARATION OF SUNDAY MASS READINGS: Do you wish that you understood more of the background to the Sunday Mass Readings? Come along to Kilian House Family Centre after Mass any Tuesday 10.40 – 12.00 p.m. Join in reading the Scripture passages chosen for the next Sunday’s Mass, teasing out their meaning and checking on their relevance for you in to-day’s world. All are welcome.

CHARITY TAX REBATE: A big thank you for all who have supported the parish this past year. We are completing our Charity Tax Rebate forms at the moment. I would kindly ask those who did receive a CHY3 form to please return them to the Parish Office as soon as is convenient. Thank You.

BECOMING A CATHOLIC?: Are you or someone you know interested in finding out more about the Christian Faith and the Catholic Church. If so please contact Fr. John after Mass or make enquiries to the Parish Office. We will begin our preparation for Adults wishing to be baptised or indeed make their 1st Communion or be Confirmed in the Catholic Faith at the Easter Vigil next Easter soon during the month of September.

SPREAD THE WORD: A Thriving, Vibrant Community Matters – Support Our Advertisers on the back page of the newsletter! Thank you.

All this news and more, available and in further detail on the Parish Information Sheet

Rejoice! He is Risen! Alleluia!

“The God of the cosmos,

the creator,

in his love and compassion,

has healed humanity of death

by sending his Beloved Son

in an act of self-emptying love and service,

freeing us from the power of sin

and making us into a new creation

through the Holy Spirit.”


This is the
great Easter cry
that fills our hearts.
The Lord’s bursting
out from the tomb of death
is a gigantic explosion of
new energy,
new force,
new life.
Like an atomic explosion, his victory releases a new and immense
power that can flood over the whole world,
changing everything that receives it.
His resurrection brakes open
a deep and unyielding prison that holds captive our hope,
our vision, our very souls.
No longer is our horizon darkened
by the black cloud of inevitable death
and oblivion.
No longer are we captive
to the selfishness and sin
that springs from that ultimate darkness.
Now we can see further that death!
We glimpse a new dawn.
In the light of the Rising Son
everything we do and say,
our very being,
is filled with
new hope, new purpose, new joy.
The fall-out from this explosion of the Holy Spirit was seen first
in the lives of the apostles and the first communities of the disciples of Jesus.
In their meetings with the Risen Christ
they were filled with such joy and zeal for life.
They were off,
like sprinters from the starting blocks,
proclaiming the ‘good news’ of
Jesus right across the world.

Faith for Life

Deepening the Connection between Faith and Life

A member of our Faith Community participated in the Faith for Life Course which ran from the Autumn of 2018 to the Spring of 2019.

Attached is her faith-for-life-testimony given at the final group presentation which some of our parishioners were fortunate to attend.

Also are details of a Social Analysis Project which considered bringing an aspect of Laudato Si to life by considering a project related to the Care of our Common Home.

The Social Analysis Project considered the use of Eco Bricks – a project initiative underway by the Seal Rescue Ireland.

Details about ecobrick workshops in Seal Rescue Ireland in Courttown are below or Dublin based at

If you would like to consider participating in a Faith For Life Course, contact the office for Evangelisation and Ecumenism. Details of the 2019-2020 programme are below.

Office for Evangelisation & Ecumenism

Reconciliation for Easter

Confessions for Easter

This will give us all an opportunity to prepare for our Easter celebrations and to experience the healing love of God.

10am – 1 pm: St. Joseph’s, Newtown
10:30am – 11:30am: Holy Rosary, Greystones
10 – 11 am: St. Patrick’s, Kilquade
12 – 1 pm: St. Anthony’s, Kilcoole
12 – 1 pm: St. Kilian’s, Blacklion

Welcoming Ceremony

April 7, 2019 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

The Welcoming Ceremony

The welcoming ceremony is part of the celebration of baptism in the community.  It is intended to be a way of introducing the children to the Christian community to which they will belong and become a part of, as they grow in their faith.

The welcoming ceremony will take place as part of the Sunday Mass on the 2nd Sunday of the month before the month of Baptism of the child. For example, if your child’s Baptism ceremony is in July then you will take part in the Welcoming Ceremony on the 2nd Sunday of June. It will take place within the 11:30am Mass in Holy Rosary Church.

In April due to Palm Sunday being on the second Sunday, this ceremony will take place on April 7th.

The first stage of baptism will be celebrated at this Mass.  You will present your child to the community to be welcomed and your child will also be anointed on the heart at this time. Please note that the Godparents of your child and other family members are very welcome to come to this ceremony.

St. Patrick’s Day

Some images of our involvement in St. Patrick’s Day in our pastoral area

Sunday Mass in St. Kilian’s Church, Blacklion

March 24, 2019 10:45 am

In order to continue to enhance our Sunday Liturgy we need more volunteers to assist with the Liturgy of the Word at 10am Mass in St. Kilian’s Church.

Can YOU help? Take time this week to consider and next Sunday 24th March after the 10am Mass there will be an opportunity to become involved.

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