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A Guide For Families – Week 2



Ruth gave a sigh of relief hearing the cry of her new-born child.

“It’s a boy”,  Naomi pronounced joyfully, smiling at her daughter-in-law.

Ruth raised her arms, wanting to embrace her son immediately. The minute she waited was the longest in her life. The young woman showered the boy’s head with her kisses, laughing and crying alternately.

What a happy day! The happiest day in her life. All the dreams she didn’t dare to dream came true. So suddenly, so unexpected and so undeserved. He’s truly merciful and gracious that God of Israel.

The little boy placed his tiny hand on Ruth’s heart and stopped crying, recognising the loving presence.

“I need to bring news to Boaz” – Naomi reminded the overjoyed mother – “what name are you picking up for your son? Tell me, that I can inform his father.”

“We’ll name him Obed”  Ruth said.

“That’s a beautiful name”,  Naomi nodded,  it means “the servant of God”.

Obed became the father of Jesse and Jesse was father to David.

Many, many generations later out of that line Jesus was born in the same poor Bethlehem.

And Ruth –

the one who was supposed to be rejected by her new people,

became the great, great, great, grandmother of Messiah to all.

A Guide for Families – Prayers for the Mass

Mass Prayers

A Guide For Families – Week 1


Reflecting on the Stations of the Cross During Lent

Come and reflect on the Stations of the Cross. Three Stations of the Cross will be reflected upon each Friday evening at 8pm during Lent.

Click here to join.
Zoom Code: 779 326 577

Night Prayer in Community During Lent

We have night prayer of the church taking place on Monday to Friday evening inclusive at 8pm using Zoom Video Conferencing.

Why not consider joining us during Lent, to closeout our day with prayer. Everyone is invited to join Night Prayer.

The code you need to access the Night Prayer service from your Zoom application is: 779 326 577

We ask that you put your name or initials on the zoom screen when you are joining the zoom meeting (see the example in the image)

We look forward to you joining us in prayer and in community (see a short video below).

More details about Night prayer and zoom are available here.

Ash Wednesday

As we begin our Lenten Journey join us:

here at 10 Mass with Blessing of Ashes

here at 12 noon Blessing of ashes and Blessing of the Senses

here at 8pm Night prayer of the Church

WhatsUp for Lent

WhatsUp for Lent is an initiative of the Parish Pastoral Workers in Dublin Diocese.  Participants will receive a thought for the day, each day by WhatsApp.  The thought or ‘impulse’ will be drawn from the scripture for that day.

Why not join up.

Christina Malone, PPW, is the administrator of this group. Only Christina and anyone she makes administrator can post messages to the group, so you won’t be inundated with people’s comments or ‘jokes’.

As in all WhatsApp groups, the numbers and names of participants are visible to all members of the group.

By signing up you accept that:

  • You are not permitted to use or share any numbers with anyone outside the group.
  • You are not permitted to use the numbers from this group in order to contact any person in the group.
  • You can leave the WhatsApp group at any time by using the Exit Group option or by contacting Christina Malone directly.

If you agree to ALL this click this link to join.

We hope that these reflections will be an aid to making  your Lenten journey an enriching one for you.

Accord Annual Collection

Accord Dublin’s Annual Collection will take place this weekend of 13th & 14th February. We realise that it will be much more difficult for parishes to support us this year – although the demand for services is greater than ever.

With counselling agencies of all sorts anticipating a “tsunami of demand” and Garda sources reporting a large increase in domestic violence (“violence has gone home”), it is clear that there a great need for Accord’s services in our communities.

Your help is needed to encourage

  • those who need our services to contact us,
  • those who support us to continue to do so
  • new donors to enable the work to continue.

Counselling continues by phone, and contact can be made via our centres or on our helpline at 01 9059555. Marriage preparation courses have continued, with smaller courses via zoom, and can be booked on our website.

To enable our services to continue to meet the demand, we need your support.

Parishioners can donate in the following ways:

Online at where you will find a DONATE button.

By post to Accord Dublin, Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3.

By bank transfer to ACCORD Dublin Catholic Marriage Care Service CLG, Bank of Ireland, 88 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2. IBAN: IE27 BOFI 9001 1357 0742 03; BIC:BOFIIE2D.

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