Collections – where does the money go?

The Parish of Greystones is part of the Diocese of Dublin and is recognised as a wonderful place to live. The town has seen significant growth in recent years with many young families choosing to live here. We are proud of our Parish and its long traditions in Greystones. Our vision is for the Parish to continue the care and support which we give to each other aided by the many groups that exist for this purpose.

Like your home, the Parishes of the Diocese are facing particular challenges in the years ahead.

Since I became Parish Priest last year, I have become aware of the ongoing work of our Parish Finance Committee led by Chairman, Neil Armstrong, to maintain our Parish finances in good order for the years ahead.

The Finance Committee continues to seek expenditure cuts, whilst at the same time being mindful to keep our Churches in good shape for Masses, Marriages, Funerals, Baptisms as well as aiding the Two Coats Justice Initiative. Our Parish Office continues to offer an excellent service to parishioners.

We have prepared a document for you to download and read to find out more about how the money is spent in our parish

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